Art Fotografika

The random synaptic bursts of a fine-art photographer.

About the Artist


Jon-Christian Ashby is a Canadian fine-art photographer who explores themes of struggles and triumph to reveal the beauty of the human condition. The challenges we face within ourselves are echoed in the struggles we face as a society; his works are visually ethereal representations of those challenges.

'[Ash's] work boldly dives into the fairytale/fantasy genre in many ways, and in doing so unapologetically; it allows the viewer to feel right there with his characters, encapsulated in the moment. His use of bold color and intimate moments makes me feel integrated into the scenes he is creating.'
~ Brooke Shaden, Fine Art Photographer

Ash, as he's locally known, is by day a portrait photographer who caters to the dance and performing arts communities with his flair for dramatic lighting and bold color. He's an Iris Award winning artist who believes in giving back to the community, using his art to raise funds for charities, and re-investing back into local artists.

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